Sweet Poppy: 1.0mm fine tip Silver Chrome Pen

1.0mm fine tip Silver Chrome Pen


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Sweet Poppy: 1.0mm fine tip Silver Chrome Pen

Another great addition to the Sweet Poppy range a High Gloss liquid Chromium decorative paint pen. They are sure to elevate any craft project with a bright and reflective finish. Easy to use, paint flows smoothly out of the pen with rich color saturation for excellent coverage. Perfect way to add personalization or details to your craft project, a perfect tool to give that Chrome finish to all your projects.

Apply a black base of Sweet Poppy Dimensional medium and allow to dry. Once dry apply the Chrome pen to the areas you wish to be silver Chrome.

This chrome pen is a versatile must have for all crafts from paper crafters to model makers the depth and detail this pen will give will astound people with the finished effect! It’s like molten silver and allows you to create high-gloss mirrored effect. It will write on almost any surface, and is highly pigmented for great opacity. Allow the ink to cure and it will be permanent, scratch and abrasion proof, this unique tool will allow you to add metallic accents to your artwork.

This highly pigmented alcohol-based marker creates a high-gloss real mirror effect to almost all smooth surfaces. To achieve the best mirror effect, apply to a smooth and non-absorbent surface, from painted surfaces to glass or plastic, for indoor and outdoor use. A great addition to any crafters tool box. Perfect for arts and crafts, DIY projects, scrapbooks, gift card marking, journals and the list goes on!

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