Clear Glass Micro Beads – 100grm small

Approximately 0.57 – 0.70mm

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100grm pot of small ultra clear glass micro beads these are perfect for using over our stencil mediums

Stage 1 First stencil a base of coloured pigment or dye ink through the stencil and then clean and dry the stencil

Stage 2 Line up the image and stencil then apply a coat of translucent Stencil Dimension over the stencil remove place the dirty stencil into warm soapy water to wash at a later stage.

Stage 3 Apply the small ultra clear glass microbeads over the paste and gently embed into the paste … DO NO PRESS TO HARD

Leave dry and the coloured ink that was applied at step 1 will shine through the image …

Approximately 0.57 – 0.70mm